ZUMBA Virtual. Paid or Free?

Q: Paid or Free?
The dilemma faced by almost all fitness instructor that are doing virtual classes especially during the pandemic. 
Q: Why paid? Why cannot be free? 
Is there any difference between you and me? Popularity? Participants seem like don’t mind paying for some, but some they will argue why.

The energy spent, the challenges of setting up the infrastructure behind every online class is the same. The instructor has to make sure they get the best internet, the best hardware, the best platform and all these are not free. And also preparing the tracks, and whatnot.
Q: How much to charge? And again why must charge? 
Well most of the instructor out there doing this full time and this is their only income source, with all the fitness centre closed… and no income… this is their only way to pay their bills.

Fee wise? Well usually is between RM10-RM15 and some are by contribution which means you can give as per your like that you feel reasonable.
Q: BUT many are doing it free. Why can’t you?
ermm once a while, yes, or maybe the first class is free to see if you like it or not. But then if you still want free class… ermm visit youtube then…

But if you want to join the class, do support them by contributing. IF you really cannot afford it but still want to join their class, just PM them, I am sure they will more than happy to provide you with trial access or some discount.

july, 2020

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