ZINSTUDIO 3.0 Try out~

Hi, my fellow zlovers~ Zumba just released their own Livestream platform for the instructors called the ZINSTUDIO. This platform is similar to my Dacast but with the ability to comment and emojis! Meaning no additional apps to download. Just from your mobile, tablet or your computer. Also, Dacast is very expensive for me to maintain too…;-(

Therefore, I will be trying it out for the very first time next Tuesday at 6pm. Here is the link.

DATE: 26/05/2020 (TUESDAY)
TIME: 6PM (Malaysia Time GMT+8)
LINK: https://www.zumba.dance/…/5ec8f5f4-8918-4bfa-9662-5fd10a010…

Do check out the student guide I’ve created to help you navigate through the process.

If you want to be my experiment subject ?, do pm me and I shall give you the Student Code to use.

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