Let’s Boogie

Hey hey~ back by demand~

?Let’s Boogie with me tomorrow at ZINSTUDIO LIVESTREAM Platform? No additional apps required, just use your computer, phone or tablet. Visit the link below. Do follow the guide provided.

https://www.zumba.dance/class/online/5ece3a9a-06bc-496a-b8e6-720d0a010b54 or

Date & Day: 28/05/2020 (Thursday)
Time: 7:30 PM (Malaysia Time GMT+8)
Fee: RM10/session

Payment method:
1. Paypal (Debit and credit card)
2. GRABPAY / TNG Wallet (user name AZROZ BIN MOHD

If you use the method no.2, kindly PM/DM me your transaction proof and I will provide you with the STUDENT CODE—

See ya’ll tomorrow!

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